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Saturday/Sunday 28th/29th May

Continuing our succesful bank holiday outings, we find ourselves back at Dudmaston for some more rhoddie attack!

Day 1 – Saturday. Someone suggested having an early start today so we met at the earlier than usual time of 9am (John was so keen that he had been waiting at the car park with his bowsaw twitching at 8.15!). We were back to the same area of woodland as previously (see Easter Weekend), adjacent the ponds. It is pleasing to have to walk a little further each time, passing by the areas we have cleared on other workdays. Ron soon got the fire started and we worked throughout the morning, progressively clearing rhoddies from along the poolside. Given the early start, lunch seemed well deserved. With the exception of one rain shower, the weather was fine and allowed us to clear a larger than anticipated area.


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Gang of six and Ron's giant knotweed

The Weir, Hereford, Saturday 7th May

So, the National Trust got me thinking with their recent description of ‘daycations‘. If a daycation is when you go somewhere nice for a one day holiday, is a one day workday somewhere nice called a workdaycation? If so, our workdaycation (yes, yes, i know, its awful) was to The Weir near Hereford. This site is outwith our normal Shropshire/Staffordshire geographical area.

Car sharing was the order of the day and we met head gardener, Ned, on site just in time for the first rain we’d seen for many weeks. We were shown around the property, which includes a beautiful stretch along the River Wye and a walled garden. (more…)

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Dudmaston, Sunday 1st May

WNTCV continue their series of bank holiday workdays with another day of rhoddy bashing at Dudmaston (see Easter Weekend 2 for our last visit). It was a fabulous workday with old and new members joining forces. According to Laura, the group “motored through the rhoddy, it didn’t stand a chance!” The fire was a bit lively given the dry ground, heat and light breezes – kept the group on their toes keeping things safe.

A great day was had by all and there was LOTS of cake!

No photos at the moment – we’ll add some if we receive them (any group member with pics, please forward a couple to Avril).

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Roman Bank worksite

Wenlock Edge, Roman Bank, Saturday 30th April

Sunshine again. We love this site and it was particularly lovely today with bluebells in the woods and just the right mix of sunny spots and shade. We worked further down the ride from our last visit (see Sunday 13th March).

Both sides of the ride were overgrown and crowded with trees. We removed all the brash and cut down selected trees to open up the woodland floor. The effects of this work could clearly be seen at our previous work site with limestone loving wild flowers and plants making a welcome return. (more…)

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