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Shugborough, Sunday 19th June

Dogwood. Lots of dogwood….needing to be cut back. How fortunate that we love that kind of job! Nine of us arrived at Shugborough Estate, bowsaws and loppers in hand, ready to work. With the usual group enthusiasm, we set to work. The task was to clear an area near to the boathouse. The boathouse was hidden from view as visitors came along the path – not so at the end of the day. As you can see from the photographs, the area was opened up revealing the little building beyond. As extra tasks, Himalayan Balsam was removed from around the pond and the area around the boatshed was weeded. I love this kind of workday – you can really see the immediate effect of your efforts.

p.s. the lovely view in the ‘after’ photo is spoiled a little by the pile of tree cuttings – these will be cleared by Shugborough staff in due course

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Attingham, Sunday 12th June

The group had a visit to Attingham, near Shrewsbury this past weekend. The official description of the task was “mucking out the cow sheds at Home Farm to get valuable garden manure”. As I sit at home drinking tea on Tuesday morning, I realise I haven’t heard from anyone who attended the workday…I am thinking maybe that they were enjoying the mucking out so much that they are still there…..HELLO MUCKERS….ARE YOU STILL OUT THERE????

STOP PRESS::: I hear that the task on Sunday was changed and the group spent the day mulching around the trees in the orchard (there was some horse muck involved!). Unfortunately, the weather was not favourable (i.e. the wrong sort of rain). A small but hardy group started the day…and a slightly wetter group ended the day. On the plus side, there was plenty of cake.

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Sunday 5th June

It was a damp morning which led directly into a damp afternoon but we didn’t mind as we were working indoors today, building bird boxes. The group had a succesful bird box building session last year and so we were asked to come back for more bird related DIY.

Despite my dodgy location instructions, everybody made it to site in the end. We welcomed 3 new people to the group, one of whom is working towards a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and volunteer hours count towards this achievement.

The bird boxes come in a DIY style kit form. National Trust Ranger Chris had pre-cut timber to form the component parts of the box and we organised an assembly team (lots of noisy hammering and drilling). However, we were far too efficient today and Chris could barely keep up with our demand for more timber. We took a number of our completed birdboxes out into the nearby woods and attached them to trees so that the little birdies can have nice homes for next winter and beyond.

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Hello all

Check out our EVENTS page – there is a change to the printed programme.

3rd July was Morville – now Wightwick Manor Gardens. The group hasn’t been at Wightwick since last year so it will be a welcome return to our spiritual home.

I know you will miss working at Morville but don’t worry, it will be re-scheduled to later in the year.

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