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Crikey, it’s another year and we are off to a flying start. Two workdays under our belts already and a new programme waiting in the wings to take us through until the end of April.

2012 was an excellent year for the group. Our volunteer hours were up on the previous year and we added a new site, Benthall Hall, to our ever expanding Empire! We took on new challenges and welcomed volunteers, old and new, to a varied programme of workdays. We aim to continue the good work throughout 2013 and our current programme of workdays shows how busy we will be in the first part of the year. Legend has it that the group used to work on Sundays…as you can see, to fit in all the workdays we now do a lot of work on Saturdays, and even the occasional Friday. So there is no excuse for not coming out and doing some work in the great outdoors.

Would you like further details about the group or details about any of the workdays? Perhaps you’d like to tell us how good our website is (or not!). You can contact us via this website on our contact page.

We’ll leave you with a nice relaxing photo taken at our January 5th workday at Benthall Hall. We like to take our tea-breaks in style.

Benthall Hall

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