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Winter Cheer

As we approach mid-winter, hot summer days seem a long way off. However, there are things to be thankful for and look forward to if you are a volunteer with SSNTV. This time of year is our busiest, as the majority of woodland work we do takes place in winter. On any Sunday you will find us out in the woods in our favourite woody places, among them Dudmaston, Wenlock Edge and Walcot Wood. We assist the NT Rangers with woodland management jobs such as removing unwanted trees or planting new ones. Dudmaston has 1500 trees awaiting planting in the New Year – we are looking forward to that. We often have a bonfire to keep us warm at lunchtime and we rarely have a workday that doesn’t involve cake!

Whatever you do over the Christmas holiday period, we hope you have a really happy time. If you need to burn off a few mince-pie generated calories, we are working on Saturday 28th December at Dudmaston and the first Sunday of the year, 5th January, at Attingham. You can join us for the day or become a member – either way, get in touch via our CONTACT PAGE.

Winter Scene - Benthall Hall

Winter Scene – Benthall Hall

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