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Spot the Difference

It was a good turnout for the New Year … on the 12th January. A dozen of us worked in Walcot Woods continuing the clearing from earlier visits. I didn’t even notice the sheep as we walked up to the worksite. But once we have finished clearing the area, the hope is that they will keep re-growth under control, and allow wild flowers to return to the area.

Lovely flapjack at Cake O’Clock in the morning, and a few Christmas chocolates kept our energy levels up. There was enough fuel for the fire as well.


The afternoon saw the fire grow and by 3pm when cutting stopped, the whole area looked better. It was muddy walk back to the cars, and worsening weather for the drive home, but for me, a great start to my SSNTV new year.

Before …… And …… After

Before L After L

Before M After M

Before R After R

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Happy New Volunteer Year to all our volunteers and supporters. We haven’t been resting over Christmas, we’ve been busy putting together a packed work programme for the first four months of the year. Did you get a new diary or calendar? Yes? Great – now you can go to our EVENTS page and fill your diary with workdays. We can promise there will be bonfires, we can promise there will be cake. We can’t promise that the weather will be kind to us every week, but we are rarely put off by the weather so most of the listed workdays will go ahead: hail, rain or shine.

If you have volunteered with us before, you know how to get in touch. If you haven’t volunteered with us before, what are you waiting for? Come out for the day and see if you like it, we don’t bite….much! Go directly to our CONTACTS PAGE and our web fairy will put you in touch with us.


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