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Wenlock Edge, old quarry, Friday 7th to Sunday 9th October

Earlier in the year, a discussion took place with NT Ranger Chris – what would be better than a workday at Wenlock Edge? The answer? Three workdays at Wenlock Edge! And so the group found themselves booked in for a three day working weekend, working at a new part of the site. The location was an old limestone quarry which has long since ceased production. The National Trust recently took over management of the site. It had become overgrown with hawthorn and blackthorn hence badly in need of some volunteer action.

There is a variety of things that make the group happy: – good weather, chunky trees to chop, a bonfire, lots of cake. All of these were available in abundance!

Some of the group stayed overnight at an NT holiday cottage near Dudmaston. Ron tested his culinary skills on Friday evening, providing the group with a delicious spaghetti dish. Sheila helped out by creating an apple crumble, using apples provided by Ron from his own garden. This was washed down with a fine selection of ales, or a glass or two of homemade wine – “Rhubarb Ruin”. On the Saturday evening, the overnighters ventured into Bridgnorth for a meal in a local bistro – I am sure it wasn’t as good as Ron and Sheila’s tasty creations on Friday.

The photos don’t do justice to the extent of work completed over the weekend. We hope to be back working at this site sometime before Christmas so if you want to see it, keep an eye on our programme of workdays and come out and join us.

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Shugborough, Sunday 19th June

Dogwood. Lots of dogwood….needing to be cut back. How fortunate that we love that kind of job! Nine of us arrived at Shugborough Estate, bowsaws and loppers in hand, ready to work. With the usual group enthusiasm, we set to work. The task was to clear an area near to the boathouse. The boathouse was hidden from view as visitors came along the path – not so at the end of the day. As you can see from the photographs, the area was opened up revealing the little building beyond. As extra tasks, Himalayan Balsam was removed from around the pond and the area around the boatshed was weeded. I love this kind of workday – you can really see the immediate effect of your efforts.

p.s. the lovely view in the ‘after’ photo is spoiled a little by the pile of tree cuttings – these will be cleared by Shugborough staff in due course

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Attingham, Sunday 12th June

The group had a visit to Attingham, near Shrewsbury this past weekend. The official description of the task was “mucking out the cow sheds at Home Farm to get valuable garden manure”. As I sit at home drinking tea on Tuesday morning, I realise I haven’t heard from anyone who attended the workday…I am thinking maybe that they were enjoying the mucking out so much that they are still there…..HELLO MUCKERS….ARE YOU STILL OUT THERE????

STOP PRESS::: I hear that the task on Sunday was changed and the group spent the day mulching around the trees in the orchard (there was some horse muck involved!). Unfortunately, the weather was not favourable (i.e. the wrong sort of rain). A small but hardy group started the day…and a slightly wetter group ended the day. On the plus side, there was plenty of cake.

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Saturday/Sunday 28th/29th May

Continuing our succesful bank holiday outings, we find ourselves back at Dudmaston for some more rhoddie attack!

Day 1 – Saturday. Someone suggested having an early start today so we met at the earlier than usual time of 9am (John was so keen that he had been waiting at the car park with his bowsaw twitching at 8.15!). We were back to the same area of woodland as previously (see Easter Weekend), adjacent the ponds. It is pleasing to have to walk a little further each time, passing by the areas we have cleared on other workdays. Ron soon got the fire started and we worked throughout the morning, progressively clearing rhoddies from along the poolside. Given the early start, lunch seemed well deserved. With the exception of one rain shower, the weather was fine and allowed us to clear a larger than anticipated area.


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Gang of six and Ron's giant knotweed

The Weir, Hereford, Saturday 7th May

So, the National Trust got me thinking with their recent description of ‘daycations‘. If a daycation is when you go somewhere nice for a one day holiday, is a one day workday somewhere nice called a workdaycation? If so, our workdaycation (yes, yes, i know, its awful) was to The Weir near Hereford. This site is outwith our normal Shropshire/Staffordshire geographical area.

Car sharing was the order of the day and we met head gardener, Ned, on site just in time for the first rain we’d seen for many weeks. We were shown around the property, which includes a beautiful stretch along the River Wye and a walled garden. (more…)

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Dudmaston, Sunday 1st May

WNTCV continue their series of bank holiday workdays with another day of rhoddy bashing at Dudmaston (see Easter Weekend 2 for our last visit). It was a fabulous workday with old and new members joining forces. According to Laura, the group “motored through the rhoddy, it didn’t stand a chance!” The fire was a bit lively given the dry ground, heat and light breezes – kept the group on their toes keeping things safe.

A great day was had by all and there was LOTS of cake!

No photos at the moment – we’ll add some if we receive them (any group member with pics, please forward a couple to Avril).

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Roman Bank worksite

Wenlock Edge, Roman Bank, Saturday 30th April

Sunshine again. We love this site and it was particularly lovely today with bluebells in the woods and just the right mix of sunny spots and shade. We worked further down the ride from our last visit (see Sunday 13th March).

Both sides of the ride were overgrown and crowded with trees. We removed all the brash and cut down selected trees to open up the woodland floor. The effects of this work could clearly be seen at our previous work site with limestone loving wild flowers and plants making a welcome return. (more…)

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