Dates for your diary for April and May (as per Prog. Organiser, Helen’s emails) are included in the SSNTV website Events page here

….are those boots now clean and ready???

Your Committee met again on 27th and as per Secretary Dot’s email, in line with Gov’ regulations and subject to any further NT guidance, we are working to restart workdays after the next Covid relaxation planned for 12th April.

  • April 18th – We have pencilled in a first small workday (max. 6 people) at Shugborough
  • From May – Full programme for summer months aiming to be published by Helen

Email event details, as in the past will follow, including any H&S / Covid guidance which may vary by NT place.

…So start cleaning those boots and getting ready!!

Various topics, covered here (but no new updates regarding volunteering guidance). (Password link as before, see previous posts)

We held our latest Committee meeting after the government’s announcements last week on Covid regulations. We’re still seeking more detailed guidance from the Trust, but latest thinking is that SSNTV will not be organising workdays before the end of March at the earliest.

As time has passed, we also need to talk to the properties again to update our programme further into the spring /summer, as they decide locally when to involve more volunteers.

..So for now, keep safe and watch out for further news in about a month’s time. Any questions – contact one of the Committee.

Pleased to say that NT have confirmed that for next year, given that with the pandemic it hasn’t been possible for all volunteers to achieve the minimum necessary hours to qualify for a volunteer card for the coming year, new cards will be issued to any SSNTV members who were entitled to one last time, regardless of the hours worked. (Until these arrive and are distributed by the regional hub offices, old volunteer cards and parking permits will remain valid, i.e beyond the end of February)

(This is in line with the email message from Hours Sec, Gill).

There’s more info about the details of the cards’ use here

SSNTV Committee met on 30th Jan and as you may have been anticipating, on account of the current state of government Covid regulations and Trust guidance (…”essential only”…), we have regrettably decided to suspend the workday programme for February. 

We will review the situation again in a month’s time.  If you’ve any questions you can contact one of the committee.

For anyone who’s not seen this in their emails….As with previous recordings click the link and enter the code when prompted.

Doubtless many SSNTV’ers will recognise this worksite….

But (with some allowance for technical / practical niceties) seems that even the recent snowy weather doesn’t stop the cut, even if it does stop the burn!

#2 …..So where is it, then?

Answer: Al or Kate doubtless in the snow at WENLOCK EDGE. …There are more snowy pictures here but doubtless all this rain has washed the white stuff away!

So No Workday…this week

So instead at which worksite was it that we were socially distanced exercising instead (#1)?

…Do you need a clue?…. KINVER, of course, some of the wider new rides in the snow

SSNTV Committee met on Monday 4th and in the light of latest Covid-related government and NT guidance unfortunately we have decided to stop the programme of workdays until further notice.

We will review the situation at the end of January and update everyone again then.

Stay safe and make sure you enjoy a bit of green and outdoors as part of your regular exercise….just think of all that pent up cut and burn!