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Attingham, Sunday 12th June

The group had a visit to Attingham, near Shrewsbury this past weekend. The official description of the task was “mucking out the cow sheds at Home Farm to get valuable garden manure”. As I sit at home drinking tea on Tuesday morning, I realise I haven’t heard from anyone who attended the workday…I am thinking maybe that they were enjoying the mucking out so much that they are still there…..HELLO MUCKERS….ARE YOU STILL OUT THERE????

STOP PRESS::: I hear that the task on Sunday was changed and the group spent the day mulching around the trees in the orchard (there was some horse muck involved!). Unfortunately, the weather was not favourable (i.e. the wrong sort of rain). A small but hardy group started the day…and a slightly wetter group ended the day. On the plus side, there was plenty of cake.

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Attingham, Sunday 3rd March

Compost seems to be becoming a theme with WNTCV – Sunnycroft last week and Attingham this week. And why not!

Today, 6 members of WNTCV were working in the walled garden with NT gardener, Kate.

The task: moving a HUGE pile of leaves into pre-prepared areas for composting. After the first hour of work it seemed that the task could not be completed in one day. But WNTCV will not be defeated!

A system of digging, barrowing, tipping and stomping was set in place and the ‘WNTCV machine’ soon got the job done. (more…)

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Sunnycroft, Sunday 27th March
The group visited Sunnycroft, located in Wellington, near Telford. This is a really lovely property consisting of a Victorian villa and gardens.

We were sorting out the compost heaps…I know, you are thinking, ‘how very glamorous’. Still,we will rise to any challenge and set about organising the three composting areas into compost for use, being composted and to be filled areas.

The question is – how many volunteers does it take to fill one compost bin? We did have 9 people in there at one point – a frenzy of digging and forking.

For those of you who read last weeks post (A little note about cake), you’ll be pleased to hear that we were well served once again – many thanks to Matt’s mum and Rachel for their home-baked treats.

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