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The Weir, Hereford, Saturday 22nd October

It has been a while since we visited The Weir, May 7th to be exact. It is a real pleasure to work at this location, particularly so this weekend as we had such lovely weather.

Our task was to cut back overgrown buddleia and rosemary willow. The idea was that we would uncover the old pig sty. We were wondering if this would be possible as we couldn’t see a pig sty – as you can see from the ‘after’ pic, the pig sty was there and we worked hard to reveal it from the undergrowth.
We enjoyed working with NT gardener Ned. He always has something interesting to show us in the garden. This time it was a fabulous selection of pumpkins and squash of all shapes and sizes and an oddly shaped vegetable – which turned out to be a south american cucumber of the Achocha family, known as the ‘Fat Baby’. Also growing there was a close relative of the Fat Baby – the exploding cucumber, Latin name Cyclanthera Explodens.




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Gang of six and Ron's giant knotweed

The Weir, Hereford, Saturday 7th May

So, the National Trust got me thinking with their recent description of ‘daycations‘. If a daycation is when you go somewhere nice for a one day holiday, is a one day workday somewhere nice called a workdaycation? If so, our workdaycation (yes, yes, i know, its awful) was to The Weir near Hereford. This site is outwith our normal Shropshire/Staffordshire geographical area.

Car sharing was the order of the day and we met head gardener, Ned, on site just in time for the first rain we’d seen for many weeks. We were shown around the property, which includes a beautiful stretch along the River Wye and a walled garden. (more…)

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