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Wenlock Edge, Sunday 24th April

Back to Wenlock Edge today for some hard work and easter eggs. National Trust Ranger Chris met us at the entrance to Lea Quarry and we headed up to the work site. The group has worked here many times over the last year or two (see Feb 27 2011) and it is great to see the transformation continue. No need for too much discussion before we started work, just a brief safety talk and we were up on the slope cutting brash and trees, passing them (with the help of gravity!) to the slope base where a fire was started to get rid of the cuttings.

Instead of “cake o’clock”, today we had “egg o’clock”. Our normal cake break was replaced by a little easter treat or two, kindly supplied by Matt. We did have our very own easter bunny…or a very confused looking Max the dog who puts up with us silly humans and our craziness – as you can see from the picture he looked super cute with his temporary pink ears.

This was the group’s first ever Easter workday – we usually don’t work on bank holiday weekends. We all agreed that it had been a really worthwhile outing and hopefully we can make it an annual event.

Max "Easter Bunny" Harrison




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