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Sunnycroft, Sunday 4th September

A little light hedge trimming might be an understatement….I’m  not sure if the group can really do ‘light’ hedge trimming. The photos prove that!

Ten group members met NT Gardener Joel at Sunnycroft today. The task in the morning was to cut back the laurel hedge and some trees that had become overgrown. While they disguised the houses beyond, they also blocked out the light in the gardens of these neighbouring properties. In the spirit of being a good neighbour, we cut back the greenery. If I’m being honest, standing on the NT side of the fence, it looked far better before we had done the work. But this is the perfect example of where a property manager has to balance out the needs of the property with the needs of its neighbours. On the NT side of the fence, the area is used for car parking and the hedge line does now look tidy so a good result all round.

In the afternoon, work was transferred to the long hedge along the main drive. This hedge borders the garden of the gatehouse property and the hedge had become…lets just say it was a bit unruly! With ten keen workers, we were able to complete the work by the end of the day. The lady who lives in the gatehouse came out to speak to us and she was very pleased with the outcome of the work – she had thought of tackling the hedge on her own. We were glad to help.

The assembled group were guinea pigs to one of Mags new cake recipes – peanut butter chocolate brownies. Verdict: delicious!

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Sunnycroft, Sunday 27th March
The group visited Sunnycroft, located in Wellington, near Telford. This is a really lovely property consisting of a Victorian villa and gardens.

We were sorting out the compost heaps…I know, you are thinking, ‘how very glamorous’. Still,we will rise to any challenge and set about organising the three composting areas into compost for use, being composted and to be filled areas.

The question is – how many volunteers does it take to fill one compost bin? We did have 9 people in there at one point – a frenzy of digging and forking.

For those of you who read last weeks post (A little note about cake), you’ll be pleased to hear that we were well served once again – many thanks to Matt’s mum and Rachel for their home-baked treats.

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